Welcome to the International Theoretical and Practical Conference “Sensorica - 2015”!

The conference “Sensorica - 2015” will be held on the basis of ITMO University.
At the conference is supposed to develop theoretical and practical questions of sensorica, such as sensors application, application of the sensor networks, materials and technologies for sensors creation. The main goal of the event’s organizers is to provide wide range for discussion of current theoretical and experimental achievements between all involved specialists – undergraduates, postgraduates, scientists, factory workers, university professors and representatives of innovative business.

Among objectives of the conference are the following:

  • generalization of know-how in sensorica and interfaces;
  • determination of actual lines of development;
  • exchange of scientific achievements;
  • maintenance of existing contacts and establishment of new contacts in international cooperation programms;
  • improvement of innovative activity effectiveness in sensorica.

The conference provides for massive scientific and business program.
Looking forward to see you on Conference “Sensorica - 2015”!

Yours faithfully
Rector of ITMO University
Vladimir Vasilev

Sensors & Sensor networks
Sensors play a significant role in all areas of the agency. Sensor is not only detector of physical quantity as also ultraminiature measuring device with preliminary signal processing and digital interface installed at the metering point.
Used interfaces allow to distributed networks, consisting of sensors, to organize oneself, to select priorities, to adapt to the metering object.
ITMO University
St.Peterbusrg is happy to be the home of the unique «optical-computer science» University. Such a combination of popular sciences draws a lot of attention both from our international partners and many domestic companies  to the University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. 
North-West Technology Transfer Center
North-West Technology Transfer Center (NWTTC) is established for whole cycle services realization aimed at structuring and commercialization of innovative projects in the area of nanotechnologies and infrastructure support of its transfer to industry and market.
JSC "Avangard"
The company manufactures and realizes a broad range of microsensors. On their basis the production of the most advanced sensors was created. There are sensors for pressure, strain, micromovement, force, temperature, acceleration, steering angle, the concentration of gases and various impurities. These sensors operate in the active (with an electric power source) and passive modes (without power supply).
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