JSC "Avangard"

Scientific Research Institute of Technology was established within the Ministry of Aviation Industry. The main objectives were: setting up the equipment of board (ship) radar stations and the development of technological processes for mass production.

Now JSC "Avangard" is focused on high-tech areas of microsystem technique (MST), acoustoelectronics and chemotronics. MST is a complex technological direction of electronics, where sensors are used in microelectronic design, allowing obtaining information on the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the medium in electronic form for further directional control of the medium or the executive instruments and mechanisms. MST is an innovative trend in electronics, using the latest scientific advances in physics, chemistry, biology, advanced materials and technologies, including the latest developments of nanotechnology and nanomaterials.

The company manufactures and realizes a broad range of microsensors. On their basis the production of the most advanced sensors was created. There are sensors for pressure, strain, micromovement, force, temperature, acceleration, steering angle, the concentration of gases and various impurities. These sensors operate in the active (with an electric power source) and passive modes (without power supply).

Based on the developed sensors the electronic systems for control, diagnosis and monitoring of complex technical objects of industry, transport, housing and communal services were designed. Up to several thousand sensors are combined in these systems. Prototypes of systems have passed not only control tests but also the verification of their performance by the first consumers.