Materials for registration

  1. Application Form and / or co-authors, including the name and surname of the author; year of birth; section of the conference; Status: Student, a graduate student (academic year), PhD or employee (position); place of work / study (in full) the institution, the department; specialty (for graduate students); subject of the report; surname, name of the supervisor indicating the position, power, and titles; contact phone number and e-mail of the participant. 
  2. The original layout of the thesis report (no more than 2 pages) for the Proceedings of the Conference
  3. Title of the thesis report. 
    Authors names (name of the higher education institution (organization) in full). 
    Requirements for abstracts: 
    volume of 1-2 pages of text (no formulas and drawings); 
    Times New Roman font size 12; 
    interline interval - single; 
    margins: top, bottom, right and left - 20 mm; 
    page format - A4.
  4. Download resources to your personal cabinet on the conference website: 
    original layout of the thesis prepared in .doc annotated, drawings, tables and references, designed in accordance with the requirements (ivanov_a_a_tezis.doc);
    entry form and co-author (full name, place of employment, telephone number, e-mail) - ivanov_a_a_about.doc;